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2021. Formal requirement change.


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Publisher: Ludovika Egyetemi Kiadó – Ludovika Press
Responsible for release: Gergely Koltányi CEO
Editorial Board Chairman: prof. dr. Gyula Óvári
Editor in chief: dr. Bertold Békési
Editor and web editor: dr. László Szilvássy
Address: 5008 Szolnok, Kilián út 1.
Letter address: 5008 Szolnok, Pf.: 1.
e-mail:; Phone: +36-56-512-535
ISSN 1789-770X (Online)
ISSN 1417-0604 (Printed)

For Our Authors


responsive screensFor technical reasons, we are putting the tab closed. This means that we will be able to display the filings received after the specified deadline and only be displayed in one of the following numbers.

Publications may take up to 60 days on occasion because of the current editorial workload and latency. Please consider this when registering the drafts!

Please respect the form requirements . If this is not the case, the publication may be rejected.

Without ORCID we can not publish the publication, and even the revision process can not be started.