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  1. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins founded by National University of Public Service and its legal predecessor;
  2. The aim of the journal is to provide students, researchers, doctors and undergraduate students the opportunity to publish short-term research results in aviation science and related fields.;
  3. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins are a scientific, periodical online journal, which is published at least three times a year;
  4. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins are independent, science-oriented journal related to military science and sciences of military engineering;
  5. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins journal's governing body is the Editorial Board;
  6. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins journal on the terms of operation of the Editorial Board;
  7. The Editorial Board has the right to formulate formal, formal regulations related to the submission of studies, research results and articles;
  8. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins published its publication online electronically, its scope can be flexibly modified according to the publications received;
  9. The Aeronautical Science Bulletins journal is a non-profit initiative, in this connection NUPS does not engage in economic activity. Author's authors do not have a copyright fee to contribute to the preservation of their articles in the archives. The lecturer fee will not be charged to the persons called for by the editorial committee for the proofreading of the works intended for publication;
  10. For the Aeronautical Science Bulletins storage space is provided by the University Informatics Service Center.


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